Toy Manufacturers & exporter in india

Summer Special Games and Toys for your kids

Summer season is a time that comes with vacations and happiness for kids. When they just finished their exams and now are the time to go for vacations and holidays. All kids like to go other places to their grandparent’s home, or in some other relationships, sometimes like to go for hill stations or other tours.


On the other hands, These vacations also brings some limitations like kids and children cannot go schools also outside is too hot in day time which resultant to spend most of the time at home and they feel bore so we as a reputed Toys Manufacturer in Delhi brings amazing toys and games for your kids. Now they may spent their time playing at home, our games are very useful not only helping them to play but also helpful as kids learning Games or educational games. Now they may easily learn their lesson with some experiments.


Masoom Playmates is a biggest Toy Manufacturers in India since 1942, we completely understand what small children likes and they feel. We not only fulfill their playing wishes but also fulfill their educational wishes as well. We manufacturers many such games and toys which are helpful for them in doing their school work like- Science Kits for Children, Educational Games for Kids, Educational Puzzles Games, Kids Learning Games etc.


We have our own research and development team who thinks that every child has equal right to play games and toys and also learn their activities and school lessons. Today as competitions is increasing in our education systems and it is affecting to childishness of our kids hence we manufacturers such games which can help your kids to play and also learn something new.
All our toys are very hygienic for kids, we completely follow all guidelines and standards set buy toys manufacturing associations, you may completely trust us. All our toys and games are also available at our online toys store you may buy here at very amazing price.


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