Buy Kids Toys And Games Online

Kids are full of curiosity to know how the plants grows, Sun rise, birds and animals, day and nights and many more questions so why not teach them with a practical lesson that helps them to explain it with their playing? With a Educational Games for Kids, Science Kits for Children, or Educational Board or Puzzles Games or toy, they can incorporate the wonder of the everyday world into their play. In fact, it’s amazing how much they can learn that way!

Now a days life of every parents has become very busy, they are not able to give proper time to their kids, most of the kids spent their time while playing on electronic gadgets which is not good for their physical and mental growth. Also affects their learning capacity, kids cannot find answers to their questions.

Here is Masoom Playmates, No1 brand for toys and games manufacturing since 1942. You will find a wide range of Kids Learning GamesEducational Puzzles Games, board games, Science Kits – CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, biology AND MATH Games, toys, and kits for the curious kids of all ages here at our Online Toy Stores

Whether they wants to know about universe, stars, sun, Moons, planets, plants, trees, animals, Birds, colors fruits and vegetables, Everything is here in our Kids Learning Games and Science Kits for Children. Know how animals and birds live and what they eat, and many more, play alongside them and they might just learn something new too.

We have everything for all ageing kids and children, Soft Toys for Babies, Squeeze Toys for Kids, dolls for Girls, Ride On Cars for Kids and many more.

Buy Toys for Kids at Masoom Playmates. It is a very easy and hassle free task, everyone may enjoys online toys and games shopping with just one click, and your products will get delivered at your doorstep.


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